Destinations A Day in the Life of Santorini

Published on March 15th, 2018 | by Sun Gold Soap


Top Reasons Why Travelers Visit Santorini in Cyclades Greece

Have you ever seen a volcanic island? This is one great destination for those who are looking for ideal summer travel spots. What’s the one place that comes to your mind when you hear about a volcanic island? Many people would agree that one of the most famous spots that falls in this category is the Santorini in Cyclades, Greece.

Aside from being unique in terms of geological origin, Santorini has a dramatic ambience with lots of scenic views, beautiful sunsets, an active volcano, and a strangely-colored eggplant that comes in white. Santorini is also perfect for those who want to experience a great nightlife and extensive selections of dishes and wines.

Interesting Points to Ponder About Santorini

  1. This volcanic island is known for the black beaches that were caused by how these were created. Many tourists flock to the black volcanic beaches such as the Perissa and Kamari. Those who are interested in archaeology frequent the Red Beach that is located near Akrotiri.
  2. Santorini is also referred to as Thira, its alternative name. It has a small spring which serves as the island’s natural source of fresh water.
  3. The off season for tourists in Santorini is from December to March when the temperatures are cold, so it would really be hard to enjoy the beaches. During the season, many hotels are closed, but you can still find some that are open to accommodate those who would still want to brave the weather in order to experience the island.

Tourists flock to the island in the summer months from May up to September. During the peak season, it is only expected for travel packages to become pricier. You can wait for the months when the weather becomes milder and the tourists become fewer for the prices for travel packages to go down. These fall in the months of April to June and September to October.

  1. The towns on the island are picturesque and there are a lot of great architectural structures. Most of the structures have influences of the baroque and neoclassical period including houses, churches, and public buildings.
  2. Just seeing the landscape and seascape in the place is enough to make you feel that your money is well-spent in visiting Santorini. Make sure that you bring your camera because you will not run out of spots, places, and sceneries to take photos of.
  3. Santorini is also known for its fabulous sunsets. You can experience a beautiful sunset no matter where you are in Santorini, but this can be best viewed in areas that are near the sea.
  4. There are also many sights to behold outside the towns. The place has an idyllic countryside. There are cave houses, several gardens, small churches, and other unique views to behold.

Santorini is also becoming popular for weddings because of the sceneries and overall ambience. This is also packed with great places to stay, which include villas, hotels, and private houses. You will find great places to stay in after you have sealed your vows to make the experience more exciting and romantic for you and your spouse.

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