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Published on November 24th, 2017 | by Sun Gold Soap


The Top Movie Rides at Universal Studios

With over fifty rides, shows, characters and attractions at Universal Studios Florida vying for one’s attention, it’s not always easy finding enough time during a holiday to experience all that the theme park has to offer. While a lot of what can be seen and experienced depends upon the ages, interests and abilities of the individuals in the particular group of holiday travellers, there are certain attractions that no visitor to the park should miss.  In the movie ride category alone, there’s the new Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ movie ride, the 3D thriller The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man®, the high-speed roller coaster ride of The Incredible Hulk Coaster®, the fun The Simpsons Ride™, and the kid-focused Shrek 4D experience. And that’s just a partial list. Of all the movie rides to explore at Universal Studios, two top the list as consistently being the most popular and highly-regarded.

Top Movie Ride #1: Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem


Based on the 2010 animated film Despicable Me, this movie ride is a family-friendly experience that keeps its visitors laughing hysterically. Many of the minions’ intense antics found in the movie are present in the attraction, too; however, with a fear factor of just a 2 out of 5 and an engaging storyline, the ride is enjoyable for family members of all ages. In addition to lots of minion pranks, the ride features 3D animation. Although the motion simulator has a roller coaster feel, it offers a row in the front that is stationary for anyone who has young children or who might normally suffer motion sickness from the constant movement. Making visitors feel like “one in a minion,” it’s understandable why this is the busiest ride at Universal Studios Florida. Aptly crowned the silliest ride at the park, this must-see attraction understandably creates long lines. Although the outdoor queue area is uniquely lined with real banana trees, to avoid the crowd visitors should arrive first thing in the morning or opt to experience the ride later in the evening. To make this even easier, pick up your park tarkets in advance from this website.

Top Movie Ride #2: Transformers: The Ride-3D


Opened in May 2012, this $100 million dollar attraction is included on the “best theme park rides” of many movie ride enthusiasts.  For nearly 5 minutes, 12 guests share a vehicle as they ride through a very dark, 2-floor, 60,000 square-foot building.  The simulator provides relatively mild motion in sync with the action on the movie screens. The 3D ride features all the special effects one would expect to see in a Transformers movie. With flight simulations, physical effects and loud and action-packed scenes the attraction doesn’t disappoint.  As with the Despicable Me ride, guests should get in line first thing in the morning, or wait until late in the afternoon.

To get the most out of both of these top movie rides at Universal Studios Florida, guests are encouraged to see the movies beforehand; by doing this, it’ll make all the details in each ride more understandable and make the experience, in general, more enjoyable.

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