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Things To Do in Bora Bora

Most people think of the beach when they imagine a trip to Bora Bora, and while swimming and lounging on the sand are top activities on the island, they’re far from the only ones. The secluded paradise has something to please every guest, from those who crave relaxation to tourists who can’t resist exploring new places. Plan your itinerary, and don’t miss any of the activities that are exclusive to Bora Bora.

Go on a Leisurely Tour of the Lagoon

The lagoons of Bora Bora are breathtaking. Spending time in the crystal clear water is practically a law, but there are dozens of ways to do that. For the relaxation and the view, buy a ticket for a boat ride around the lagoon that fronts Mount Otemanu. As you circle the island, you get a 360-degree view of paradise. Some tours make stops along the way so that you can swim, dive, and snorkel, so bring your gear with you.

Hike the Mountain

To enjoy an active, physically satisfying vacation, explore the remains of the volcano that formed Bora Bora. Both Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia remain as evidence, but of the two, the jagged black peaks and slopes of Otemanu are the ones to pursue. Even so, the base is the only safe destination.

It’s a pleasantly demanding, awe-inspiring trek, and you can see the beauty of the mountain up close, but the volcanic rock that makes the mountain is too delicate and fragile to hold the weight of a single human, let alone a group of hikers. You should enlist the help of a guide to get there, just as a precaution. Once you arrive, you can help yourself to photo ops of the mountain, the remnants of ancient altars, and cannons from WWII.

Walk in the Water

Aqua Safaris are an unbelievable way to explore the turquoise waters of the island. Even if you’re not a diver and aren’t seeking certification, you can frolic with the marine life up close. Utilize Hotel Planner to find hotels in Bora Bora that partner with Aqua Safaris because the team picks you up right at the front door, places a special diving helmet on your head, and takes you under the water. You still walk along the bottom of the lagoon, submerged in around three meters of water. It’s an opportunity to see the sea life while maintaining control.

Bike in the Ocean

Bora Bora and Maurice Island are the only places that offer underwater scooters—built for two! For this activity, you climb on a scooter with a partner, and you’re slowly lowered into the water. Once you’re in, a scuba diver keeps you company as you power your bike through schools of fish along the bottom of the ocean. A glass helmet allows you to breathe as easily as you do on land.

Bora Bora is about more than the beach. Whether you love to stay active, need to relax, or want to explore, you’ll find plenty to occupy your imagination and your time.

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