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Published on October 12th, 2018 | by Sun Gold Soap


Destinations For Guaranteed Sun

There are plenty of holiday destinations that will give visitors warm sunny weather. A lot of people go on holiday to be in a hot and sunny climate and spend most of the time sunbathing (That’s definitely what I do). Below are some of the destinations you can travel to for guaranteed sun and hot weather.


Dubai is guaranteed sun all year round. The weather in Dubai is either hot or hotter. With lows of 17C (which is very rare), highs of 48C and an average of 30C throughout the day and night, going to Dubai will guarantee you sun and lots of heat. The best time to visit Dubai is in the winter months when the heat calms down a bit. You can expect temperatures between 20C and 30C which is ideal for a winter break destination with guaranteed sun. Save yourself some money by checking for flights from Johannesburg to Dubai at Travelstart to compare the cheapest airlines.


Known as the sunshine state, Florida is definitely a destination for guaranteed sun. It is popular with tourists all year round and although the weather and temperature do change, it is pretty much always sunny and warm. In the winter months, during the day it is still warm and sunny. In the summer, there are lots of thunderstorms however these often last for half an hour in the afternoon when the sun appears again. I have been to Florida in April which I think is the best time to go because it is very warm but doesn’t get the summer thunderstorms. I have also been in December and although it can get cold a night, it was sunny during the day.


Cyprus is a popular holiday destination that also offers guaranteed sun. Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate meaning the summers are very hot, dry and humid summers. The winters become cooler with some showers but have warm sun throughout the whole of the year. Cyprus is often a destination for winter sun holidays where people escape to the guaranteed sun and avoid the cold weather back home.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located in the middle of the Nevada desert, therefore, the weather is hot, sunny and humid. It is definitely a place that is guaranteed to have sun. Although it does see some rain and thunderstorms, these often do not last all day and the sun then makes an appearance. In the middle of the summer, Las Vegas can become very hot. With high temperatures hitting 35 to 38 Celsius.

Whether you want to go on winter sun break or want to make sure you will have a hot and sunny summer holiday, these are just four destinations that have guaranteed sunshine and warm weather. Offering high temperatures all day (and sometimes through the night) and beaming sun, you can enjoy sunbathing and relaxing on the beach and swimming in the sea.

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