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Best Perth Activities for Art Lovers

If you love art, you are in the right place when you visit Perth. There is very much a thriving contemporary arts scene here, as well as some great opportunities to look at art from the past. These have to be your top activities if you want to immerse yourself in the art culture of Perth.

Visit Kings Park

Right off the bat, Kings Park is a great place to wander and gain inspiration if you are an artist yourself. It includes botanical gardens as well as a war memorial, and stunning views of the surrounding area. You can get a real sense of peace here, and around every corner is another inspiring scene. If you are more interested in buying art instead, then the Aspect at Kings Park will be perfect for you as it contains lots of art galleries stocking local work. If you are staying nearby, you can easily have purchases delivered to where your staying ready to be packed up for when you go home.

Wander Displays of Historic Art

If you want to look back in time, the Art Gallery of Western Australia is a good bet. The museum was founded in 1895 and their collection dates back to around that time, covering both local and international artists. It has one of the best collections of Indigenous art in the world, as well as many great permanent and temporary exhibits. It’s close to a lot of local attractions such as the Western Australian Museum and the State Library, right in the heart of the Perth Cultural Centre. This makes it a good starting point for a full day out in the same close streets.

See That Size Doesn’t Matter

Those who say that size matters would be taken aback by the Outré Gallery, a pint-sized space which nevertheless manages to pack a big punch. It has both original pieces and prints for sale, and is ever-changing with a slew of artists and works coming through on a regular basis. They showcase international contemporary pop art, modern folk art, lowbrow art, surrealism, and underground work. It’s all a bit different to what you would find elsewhere, and it’s done in a space that makes most of the other galleries in Perth look like castles. You will never look at a gallery the same way again after a visit here: you will always expect more.

Get Contemporary in Style

If you want to see more contemporary art, there is really only one place to do it: PICA, or the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts. This place is all about not just showcasing contemporary art, but also developing the artists in the evolving scene. The visual arts are joined by performance and hybrid art, giving more dimensions to the work that you will see on display here. The aim is to encourage discussion, both about the arts themselves and the cultural issues that prompt them. If you want to know more about contemporary art, you could do a lot worse than visiting – especially considering that entry is free.

Catch a Show

If the performing arts are more your thing, be sure to head down to His Majesty’s Theatre. You can often buy tickets from the box office for performances later in the day, so you will be able to see something while you visit. The 100-year-old theatre is the home of the West Australian Opera Company, so you can see their work in action as well as catching other kinds of shows. There’s even a Museum of Performing Arts here so you can see a little of the history of theatre in the region. The Edwardian architecture is worth a look if you can’t get in to see a show, as it really dominates the view and creates a deep impression. It was refurbished in the 1970s, with one of the sad losses being a once-moving dome roof; it is now permanently sealed for safety reasons.

Lovers of the arts are spoilt for choice in Perth. There are many smaller art galleries, theatres, and performing arts venues to explore, as well as museums that chart the culture of the local area and beyond. Whatever kind of art you admire, you can indulge yourself during a visit here.

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